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Our software is designed with a user-centric approach to empower eCommerce business owners to easily fuel growth.

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  • Explore plan features and pricing
  • Determine monthly sales boost
  • 1 credit = 1 sale or review request
  • Choose the ideal subscription


  • Choose Marketplace
  • Import product details
  • Review, edit, and save


  • Select desired marketing campaign
  • Build simple or custom timeline
  • Provide product destination details
  • Start driving traffic and sales!


  • Review campaign performance
  • View keyword tracking analytics
  • Watch new orders in real time
  • Monitor sales increase and ROI


Sales Boosted


Products Launched


Customer Network

Discover innovative, game-changing features

Unparalleled Launch Service

Boost your products visibility and optimize keyword and listing relevancy across any eCommerce marketplaces.

Keyword Tracking

Monitor your most important keyword rankings with our proprietary keyword tracking feature.

New Customers & Traffic

Amplify sales velocity by driving external traffic to your product and get valuable feedback to help improve conversion rates.

Multiple Campaign Types

Supercharge sales and marketplace SEO with multiple campaign types catered to your ideal marketing strategy.

Proprietary EvergreenBX™ Tech

Sustain high sales velocity and continue driving customers long after your launch ends.

Choose the right plan to blast off

Simple and straight-forward pricing. No long-term contracts.

$295 /month
$245 /month
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  • $6.95
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$495 /month
$412 /month
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  • $5.95
$1195 /month
$995 /month
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  • $4.95
$1695 /month
$1413 /month
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  • $4.25
$2995 /month
$2495 /month
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  • $3.75
$4995 /month
$4163 /month
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  • $3.25

This is what additional credits will cost if you exceed your monthly credits.

Credit Overage Fee

Access to our proprietary product launch feature to create custom marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales to your products.

Launch Feature

Send requests to buyers asking for an honest review. Only available on select marketplaces.

Review Requests

Visual heat map of where your keywords are positioned and indexed.

Keyword Tracking

Valuable information from our customer network related to your listing, packaging, and physical product.

Buyer Feedback

Allows you to specify repeat buyer frequency on a product level.

Repeat Buyer Blocker

Enables same-day launches which go live shortly after submission.

Expedited Launches

Extend up to 50% of your launch without using credits.

Evergreen Capabilities

Ability to ban certain buyers from purchasing your products.

Buyer Blacklist

Allows you to specify repeat buyer frequency on a seller and brand level.

Advanced Buyer Blocker

Access to our full-time chat support and up to 2 keyword audits per month.

Support Level Service

Access to our full-time chat support, one 30-minute facetime call with dedicated rep per month, and up to 5 keyword audits per month.

Success Level Service

Access to your full-time chat support, 60-minutes facetime with dedicated rep per month, hands-on (done-for-you) launch creation, dedicated account manager, Slack invite, and up to 10 keyword audits per month.

Concierge Level Service

Just getting started?

Our Starter plan is a great way to start driving sales today!

$69 /month
3-Month Commitment
  • $7.95 per credit
    • Pay as you go
    • Launch Feature
    • Review Requests
    • Support Level Service


“Brand Expand’s service blows every launching tactic out of the water. I made over $50 Million last year on one of my brands. This software is the #1 reason why.”


“We have been using Brand Expand for a couple years now and we’ve only had good experiences with them. They are very responsive, and every time we’ve used their service, our product rankings increase .”


“Brand Expand has been a breath of fresh air for us! Our sales have nearly doubled. My biggest problem is figuring out how to ensure a steady amount of inventory to keep the momentum going.”


“Reliable hands-off-the-wheel service. It is nice to have a platform with reliable and intuitive technology, along with responsive people behind it. Great offering, customer experience, and result of the marketing efforts.”


“The team at Brand Expand are super responsive and helpful. I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience and results. We will definitely continue to use them to help us grow our business.”


“We have used Brand Expand for our new health & wellness brand. So far, the BE team has been a delight to work with, always available to answer questions.”


“Great experience with Brand Expand. I’ve been working with them for more than a month now. Already completed 4 campaigns. If you know how to structure your campaigns, success is almost guaranteed.”


“The process is fully automated, meaning the setup takes less than 5 minutes and the results speak for themselves. We calculate our 6 month ROI to be 2-3x higher when using Brand Expand.”


“I have used BrandExpand a couple of times over the last year and it has consistently delivered results. If unsure, try BrandExpand, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”


“The experience with Brand Expand was amazing. They moved so quickly. Communication is straightforward. Overall, they will tailor to your need whether it’s small or big”


“Brand Expand has been an essential part of our launch strategies for years. They deliver one of the most consistent and reliable launch services in the game.”


“They are always responsible and data-driven for the launch services. They deliver what they promised every time. I always get what I paid. They provide their best services and help your business to grow.”


“Brand Expand helped us to launch our first product and I could not be more satisfied. The process was very easy, they suggested effective keywords for our PPC campaign. We were ranking on page one within a week.”

Wealth Mindset

Your questions, answered

Get answers to questions related to our unique features, marketplaces we serve, and how we can fuel your eCommerce growth. Your questions help us serve you better — so let us know if there’s anything we haven’t answered for you here.

What is Brand Expand?

Brand Expand™ helps eCommerce sellers increase traffic, sales, and conversion rates. Our exclusive network of online customers will purchase your product, boost marketplace search optimization, and provide valuable feedback needed to further improve conversion rates. We service sellers on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Etsy, eBay, and hundreds of other marketplaces.

How does it work?

Sellers import products using Brand Expand’s automated import feature, build marketing campaigns with daily promotional volumes and additional launch details, then submit campaigns which go live to our network of shoppers within minutes. Customers will then purchase your product, helping boost marketplace search optimization, and provide honest feedback related to your listing and product.

How large is your customer network?

We use the terms buyers, shoppers, or customers, all of which mean the same thing — individuals interested in your products. While our customer network is always growing and evolving, we generally see 500k-1M total monthly visits resulting in 20k-50k+ units sold per month for our sellers.

Where do customers come from?

Customers come from a variety of sources — social media sites, search engines, word of mouth, and our own exclusive deal network. We spend significant resources attracting, grooming, and vetting our buyer network to ensure they provide maximum value to our sellers on Brand Expand.

What are credits

Credits are a form of currency used within Brand Expand. For example, if you receive 1 sale using our software, this will consume 1 credit. If you send 1 review request to a customer, this will also consume 1 credit. When you exhaust credits you will be charged an overage fee, which is displayed under your account profile.

Can I get product reviews?

Yes, but only on select marketplaces. During the first step of launch creation, sellers can enable the “request reviews” feature which will notify customers after purchase asking for an honest and unbiased product review. Reviews are never required, never incentivized, and never influenced in any way.

Is it compliant with my marketplace?

We provide a variety of launch campaigns and strategies to direct customers to your product listings across many different marketplaces. Given the dynamic nature of these marketplaces and their ever-changing rules, it remains the responsibility of the seller to ensure their strategies align with the compliance requirements of their chosen marketplace. Rest assured we are committed to building a safe and effective solution for all sellers, and we continuously evolve in response to the shifting eCommerce landscape.

Can I pause my account?

Yes, you have the flexibility to pause your account anytime. We just ask that you provide feedback so we can offer you the best support.

Will my campaign be successful?

While we cannot definitively say how effective our software will be, since every product, listing, campaign, and user is unique, most users achieve a 2X to 15X return on ad spend (ROAS) when using Brand Expand. These results were compiled using a comprehensive case study consisting of data across 1,000 product launch campaigns. Please keep in mind results may vary and are never guaranteed.

How much does it cost?

Brand Expand costs are driven by three variables – the cost per credit (based on subscription plan), the ACoS/Discount or Promotion, and the number of promotions. Our software provides a cost calculator when building your launch campaign so all costs are completely transparent.

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